Easier Wholesale

AI automation to streamline sales operations for distributors, brands, and suppliers.

Some of the innovative distributors & brands that love Pantry

Accelerate sales and remove manual process

Flexible EDI

Take orders across all channels without a 3-month setup process -- whether or not your customer or warehouse is using EDI. 

Automate Order Approvals

Automate MOQs, pallet rules, and other business logic to determine if customers are placing the right order. Easily revise POs if necessary.

Powerful reporting

Understand your customer and product performance through distribution channels like KeHe and UNFI, without spending hours building out reports. 

Easy Integrations

Get started in days not months. Integrate easily with your Cin7, NetSuite, or QuickBooks Online. 

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Do more with less. Free up staff time, improve cash flow, and better understand how to grow your business. Chat now as we make our early adopters a force to be reckoned with.

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